Why choose a dj over "live" music?

Djs ARE Live Music!

A DJ constructs a setting that no band or other musician can recreate. DJs read YOUR crowd. Based on what they see, they can adjust the playlist to keep your guests entertained. Bands and other live musicians can only play what they know. DJs can acquire any song imaginable for their clients. Certainly, live bands and musicians can learn to play a song you want but then it is often open to artistic expression. A DJ can provide crystal-clear recordings of your most favorite songs, the way the artist wanted it to be heard. 

Why should you have to pick and choose from a limited list when you can choose ANY SONG YOU DESIRE? Not to mention, DJs are usually more affordable. 

Guess Entertainment is driven by elite customer service and reliability. We pride ourselves in providing the best of the best, regardless of the event.

Here at Guess Entertainment we offer a “Happy Couple Guarantee” which ensures that you get the best of us during your event. 

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about the dj: Q&A

"How long have you been DJing?"

I  have been djing since 2012. I started with a company that allowed me to really focus on my craft and perfect my skills

"Why did you start your own company?"

Simple answer, freedom. I started my company so that I could have the freedom to define my own destiny. I am solely responsible for my creativity and there are no boundaries.

"Why choose you over all the other djs?"

I strive to provide the best entertainment for my clients. I'm a stickler to detail, could be a fault of mine. I love the ability to control my equipment and how it looks and sounds at all times. Our packages speak for themselves and are very competitive as well. We understand that you do not want to take a second mortgage on your house, and our prices show that. Rest assured that when you book us we will make sure your event is perfect! This kind of special day will go into your history book. Why not make sure it’s a GREAT memory?”